Are the materials of your furniture’s collections waterproof?
Yes they are. We use a water based coating that gets the surfaces water resistant and repellents to oily fluid. This feature protect them against humidity. As any organic materials if you leave the furniture in the driving rain for a long time you’ll see changes in colors and a little reduction of performance.

Do you use any kind of glue to put together the components of your furniture?
Our furniture’s collections are assembled without any kind of glue. For this reason you could dismantle the object whenever you want and easily keep it. You can also replace the components partially or totally in case of need.

Can I buy replacement components or a pack for customization?
Yes you can. A packages with 16 replacement components are available. You have to write at and specify the codes that you can find in the product fiches.

How long do these materials last?
We use cork and wood, well-known materials with high durability. Our collections are designed with cardboard elements. The quality of the cardboard is a recycled Fluting with High Performance Type 1. However, our construction technology, without any kind of glue, allows the customers to easily replace single damaged component.

Are the materials of your furniture’s collections non-flammable?
The materials of Nerd Furniture Project’s have a good fire resistance but they are not totally non-flammable. You can order cardboard with closed cells with a more stringent protective measures against fire. This represents an additional cost.

How can I clean my piece of furniture?
You can clean the cardboard components with a common (“Swiffer” type) or with a vacuum cleaner. Our construction system allow you to plug-off and plug-in any single elements to get the cleaning easy.

Kit or assembled?
Our collections reach you in kit. You have just to put together the components following simple instructions. You could ask us to receive the furniture assembled. This represents an additional cost.

Can I ask for a tailor-made design?
Yes you can. Just email us at